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That's awesome The woman I spoke to when picking a pump said that Tandem is working on the software to get their pumps to work with the Dexcom G5 which is the CGM my son has And she said that once it's done it would be available with an update download I don't know if other pumps offer easy updates like that but I thought that was really.

Love this tslim insulin pump visible My daughter the T1D.

I'm a relatively new T1 (was misdiagnosed as T2 for almost 2 years) and I decided on the tslim G5 I'm still waiting for Dexcom to get its shit together and process my order for the G5 and I don't start using the tslim until later this month but here's why I decided to go this way over medtronic Tandem will likely have a software update to receive CGM data from the G5 very soon.

Pump has remote bolus functionality via the Contour Next Link 2 4 meter and features a full color screen Works with CareLink Personal software to upload and manage pump and CGM data Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems Approved for use by adults and children 16 and over CONSUMER GUIDE 2017 INSULIN PUMPS.

First Week with my Tandem t:slim X2 Insulin Pump

Download tslim pump jokes 2017.

CONSUMER GUIDE 2017 INSULIN PUMPS American Diabetes Association.

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The Dexcom G6 CGM transmitter can only be paired with one medical device (either a Dexcom receiver or t slim X2 Pump) and one consumer device (phone or tablet) at the same time Separate Follow App required dQ A USA Diabetes Connections Surveys 2013 2017 Indications for Use RX ONLY.

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Issues with Tandem Tslim X2 pump not charging diabetes.

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Medtronic Diabetes Patient Assistance Program Wednesday May 10 2017 07 00 Between July 2017 until April 2018 Medtronic is donating 72 Paradigm Veo insulin pumps (split amongst states) to patients who are unable to afford private health insurance to access a Paradigm Veo insulin pump.

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Animas discontinued the sale of all Animas Vibe and OneTouch Ping insulin pumps effective October 3 2017 Pump supplies which include cartridges infusion sets cartridge caps battery caps and other accessories for Animas pumps will not be available from Animas or Medtronic after September 30 2019!

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I'm running into a problem with my insulin pump charging and figured I'd post here and see if anyone else has experienced similar issues I currently use the Tandem Tslim X2 insulin pump and have had this pump since about October of 2017 if I remember correctly (so roughly a year ).

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