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The version can be seen next to Specification Version Another way is to run the command below on the location mentioned previously java jar ojdbc6 jar getversionNote that you must use the JDBC JAR file intended for the version of the JDK that you are running For example ojdbc5 jar is intended for use with JDK 1 5.

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Ojdbc5 jar Classes for use with JDK 1 5 It contains the JDBC driver classes except classes for NLS support in Oracle Object and Collection types ojdbc5_g jar Same as ojdbc5 jar except that classes were compiled with javac g and contain tracing code ojdbc5dms jar.

Ojdbc5 jar ojdbc5_g jar ojdbc6 jar and ojdbc6_g jar That is you have written call specifications to publish them to the Oracle data dictionary.

Instead you can use the ojdbc5 jar and ojdbc6 jar files which are shipped with Oracle Database 11g If you are using JSE 6 and later then there is no need to explicitly load the JDBC driver.

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R r r 1 ronr staff 2091135 Jan 28 2014 ojdbc5 jar A new feature of the installer is also the option to download the patches first in case the installation!

Once you click on Download below page will be displayed once you click on the yellow portion it will ask you to save save it at your desktop or any location on your machine After 1st is done we will do the same thing and download the next patch One both the patches are downloaded place it them on the server in tmp directory.

Database lccs_data GDS Bad version number in class file Oracle JDK 1 5 Oracle LiveCycle ES2 ojdbc5 jar.

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If you are using JRuby then you need to download latest Oracle JDBC driver either ojdbc7 jar or ojdbc6 jar for Java 7 ojdbc6 jar for Java 6 or ojdbc5 jar for Java 5 And copy this file to one of these locations in lib directory of Rails application.

If the language is not in the list click the button next to the language drop down list to download the language 5 Choose the dictionary in the Dictionary drop down list Make sure your language matches your dictionary When the images in the sub file is translated to text in the srt file the dictionary is used to check if words are.

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Connecting to Oracle Using OCI8 This creates a password file named acct.


JRuby 1 3 1 4 with Oracle JDBC driver (testing mainly with ojdbc14 jar but also ojdbc5 jar or ojdbc6 jar should be fine) Please try it out and tell me if there are any issues with some particular data types or if there are still some unsupported PL SQL data types that you would like to be supported in ruby plsql?

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Jar File Download examples (example source code) Organized by.

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Ojdbc5 jar 1 5 ojdbc6 jar 1 6 Java 1 5 Java JRE SE 5 and Java 1 6 Java JRE SE 6 Additional jar files are required for some features All the classes to support basic functionality for the Thin and OCI drivers are inside the same jar In short for simplification the same file contains both the thin and the thick ( OCI) classes?

2 Essentially you just download and unzip Make sure you download the correct version There are different versions for 32 and 64 bit 3 If you install the 32 bit version you probably need a 32 bit JDK although you can download the version which includes a JDK I'm not aware of anything else 4 No 5 SQLDeveloper is free Oracle?

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