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Install macOS Sierra on Mac [Direct Download]

Has anyone tried installing macOS Sierra on a (now) unsupported Mac e g a 2009 MacBook Pro I'm sure that it would be perfectly possible for it to run on there I'd imagine its very similar to El Capitan and they're not supporting older Macs due to Siri etc Just an idea anyhow curious to see if anyone has tried with the developer release?

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However for whatever reason the option to upgrade to macOS Sierra is appearing in the App Store for a whole range of unsupported Macs In fact today I saw this occur on a MacBook Pro (15 Late 2008) model that was running Snow Leopard 10 6 8 even though Apple doesn't officially support upgrading from this hardware or OS.

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How to download macOS Sierra on unsupported Macbook.

Download now Direct download link Mac OS Installing MacOS Sierra on an unsupported Mac 2009 MacBook Pro has been made public on our website after successful testing This tool will work great on MAC OS and WINDOWS OS platforms And Latest mobile platforms Installing MacOS Sierra on an unsupported Mac 2009 MacBook Pro has based on open source technologies our tool is secure and safe to use.

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Check your Mac can run macOS Sierra

Thanks for all the help and info Not really sure I want to open my iMac to put in a new wifi card though so I guess I'll just have to live with El Capitan until this iMac bites the dust completely and I'm forced to get a new iMac (if Apple will still be making them by the time that happens ) or get a newer used one someplace.

How To Download MacOS High Sierra 10.13:

Download CCC 5 Users running Yosemite (10 10) El Capitan (10 11) Sierra ( 10 12) High Sierra Are you beta testing Apple's new macOS 10 15 Catalina with the understanding that this is an untested and unsupported configuration.

macOS Sierra [Direct Download]

How to install macOS High Sierra on Unsupported Mac 2018 Visit the dosdude1 website to download the tool and check How to Install macOS High Sierra on an Unsupported Mac.

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Installing MacOS Sierra on Unsupported MacBook Pro Mac.

1st Way Use macOS High Sierra That Was Shipped with Your Mac Open App Store then download macOS High Sierra installer which is.

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Download sierra unsupported macbook.

Ios How to Install macOS Mojave on Unsupported Mac

A step by step guide to installing macOS High Sierra on an unsupported mac CSxKING Blocked Unblock Follow Following the Patcher mentioned above will allow you to download it via the Tools menu.

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